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My Approach

Every person's story is unique and complex. For several years, I taught high school English and creative writing to young children and retired adults and every age in between. 

What I consistently experienced was the healing nature of writing and telling our personal stories. 

As a therapist, I practice Psychoanalytic Narrative Therapy. Many of our life stories drive our beliefs, values, feelings, fears, hopes, and desires. Our stories inform how we behave in relationships, and there are times when we cannot figure out why we do the things we do.

As a trained Brainspotting therapist, this mode of therapy is a big part of my practice and can offer life-changing benefits for those who suffer from the effects of trauma that may be more difficult to treat through talk therapy alone. This video may help you determine if Brainspotting is something you'd like to explore.

I believe that many of our stories are actually untold narratives, and there is power in restoring authorship to the stories you tell yourself and the world. 

You are the expert on your own life, and working this way allows me to join you on your individual journey. Your unique beliefs, spiritual values, and individual goals will become the roadmap on our journey to wholeness and wellness. 

I am skilled at listening and offer expertise on mental & emotional wellness, psychological development, human behavior, and the dynamics of change & growth. Our shared goal will be to explore your life and how you can live into your highest Self. 

I offer spiritually-integrated, psychodynamic talk therapy to clients with a broad range of emotional, psychological, and relational issues. 

I support individuals with diverse cultural experiences. 

I am a LGBTQ advocate and ally.

I believe Black Lives Matter and that mental health services can be part of a multifaceted response to cultural injustice.

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